Why maintenance of your drinking water system is important

Taste, hygiene and longer lifespan.

It is best to have your AQUALEX drinking water system serviced at least annually.

Why maintenance of your drinking water system is important?


Your drinking water system contains a water filter, which eliminates harmful substances, chlorine, dirt and bad odours, creating that delicious, pure taste of your drinking water. However, over time, the filter becomes saturated and its efficiency decreases. That is why it is recommended to replace it after one year. This way, you restore its optimal performance and ensure that your drinking water continues to taste delicious.


Your drinking water system is an important part of your diet and health. After all, you drink water on a daily basis, and often several times a day. That is why it is important to keep your system clean. Hygienic. Free of harmful bacteria and pathogens.

Longer lifespan

By maintaining your system, you are performing some kind of reset. You restore its optimal operation and efficiency. An additional benefit is that your system also lasts longer. Imagine you don't have it maintained regularly. Then the pump is not cleaned and the risk of it breaking down increases.

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