Water coolers for companies

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Waterkoelers voor bedrijven
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Thanks to our tap water coolers, you can save a lot of time and money in the office.

No more dragging around bottles of water

Would you like to buy a tap water cooler for your company? Then you are at the right address at AQUALEX. This company offers a wide range of water coolers. Thanks to AQUALEX's drinking water systems, you will always have fresh, filtered and cooled water available in your office or production area. At the push of a button, you instantly get ice-cold, sparkling or boiling hot drinking water straight from the water supply. AQUALEX deliberately chooses not to use water bottles for hygiene reasons: standing water can contain bacteria.

The advantages of a water cooler for companies

With a water cooler that is connected to tap water, you save a lot of time and space: you no longer need to order glass or plastic bottles, you no longer have to drag around bottles and you no longer have to provide space to store them. In addition, you help tackle the waste mountain and reduce your company's ecological footprint. At the same time, your employees always have cooled and filtered water at their disposal. This is an added value, as studies show that drinking a lot of water is healthy and has a positive effect on your concentration.

Collaborating with a stable, qualitative and service-oriented partner is very important to us.

Types of water coolers for companies?

Whether you opt for a table model, a freestanding model or a built-in water cooler, AQUALEX's extensive range is sure to find a device to suit your company's needs. Would you like more information during a non-binding conversation? Then we would be happy to visit you to examine your current logistic flows. Based on this information, we will provide you with an offer or proposal.

Safety and innovation

AQUALEX is committed to safety, hygiene and innovation.

AQUALEX offers patented touch-free operation: Touchless®. Pushbuttons are replaced by sensors.

In addition, as a market leader, AQUALEX often opts for the superior copper pipes that have even better antibacterial properties.

Personalised bottles

With unique personalised bottles you provide your customers with a customer experience with that little extra. You can have our water bottles printed with your logo to match your house style. This allows you to use your bottles as a marketing tool and create an extra image for your company.

More info

Why opt for AQUALEX?

AQUALEX is a dynamic company that plays a pioneering role in the water cooler sector. It combines convenience with an eye for quality, design and ecology. AQUALEX examines your question and proposes a device tailored to your specific requirements. Our technical service will install the water cooler in your company and take care of further maintenance. You can also opt to rent a water cooler. For a fixed amount per month, you will then benefit from delicious water of excellent quality and a customised service.

Some of our customers

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In the spotlight

AQUALEX is the Netflix of water: it brings what i want when i need it

AQUALEX has many enthusiastic customers. One of them is Peter Vyncke, CEO at Vyncke in Harelbeke. Clean energy is his core business: his company develops and installs biomass plants all over the world…

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AQUALEX ist the Netflix of tap water
— Peter Vyncke
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Vic Hoste

The AQUALEX system is innovative and fits our image. It is also part of our employer branding, as we are committed to the well-being of our employees.


Pieterjan Desmet, Decospan

Sustainability is a top priority at Decospan. With AQUALEX, we have found a stylish and sustainable solution for supplying our staff with water.

Pieterjan Desmet, Decospan CEO

Peter Vyncke, Vyncke NV

AQUALEX is the Netflix for tap water

Peter Vyncke, Vyncke NV CEO

Nathalie Lagae, commercial director & Margot Huysentruyt, marketing & facility officer

We used to buy plastic bottles of water, which was not sustainable, obviously. So we contacted AQUALEX.

Nathalie Lagae, commercial director & Margot Huysentruyt, marketing & facility officer


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