Need a water cooler?

Tap water coolers and innovative designer taps with cooled, sparkling and hot water - that's AQUALEX' speciality. Thanks to our wide range of water coolers, you will always have fresh, filtered and cooled water at your disposal. And all at the touch of a button! Comfort and hygiene are paramount: you don't have to drag bottles or water containers and thanks to our systems there is no standing water that could contain bacteria.

Water cooler types?

Various water cooler models

  • Table model
  • Freestanding model
  • Wall model
  • Built-in water cooler
  • Kitchen tap

Whether you opt for a table model, a freestanding model, a tap or a built-in water cooler, you are sure to find a device that suits your company in AQUALEX's wide range. Would you like more information during a non-binding conversation? Then we would be happy to visit you to examine your current logistic flows. Based on this information, we will make you an offer or proposal. Would you prefer to visit AQUALEX? Then we would be happy to welcome you in our showroom, where all the devices can be seen and experienced.

Discover our full range of water coolers

Why a water cooler?

Why choose a water cooler for your home or business:

  • Always fresh water available
  • Cooled, sparkling and hot water, at the touch of a button
  • Cheaper than other options
  • Hygienic
  • Never order bottles or water bottles again
  • High ease of use: no more transport & gullies
  • No more storage needed; space-saving
  • No more transport & empty goods: reduce your ecological footprint

Thanks to an AQUALEX water cooler you always have fresh, filtered and cooled water at your disposal.

Water coolers for various uses

AQUALEX has both water coolers for homes and businesses. A water cooler saves a lot of money compared to bottled water, both for private individuals and for companies, care centers, catering establishments or government institutions. You don't have to lug around bottles and don't increase the amount of waste. Together with you, we will gladly look for the water cooler that suits you best.

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