Water coolers for schools

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Let children drink more water? A water cooler is ideal for that purpose.

Easier, cheaper and more ecological

A tap water cooler is a great added value in your school, whether you choose a device on the playground, in the refectory or in the teacher's room. Because drinking water is healthy and promotes concentration. By offering drinking water to pupils and teachers, you work towards a positive and green image as a school. A tap water cooler is perfect replacement for all your bottled water, for small or large refectories, restaurants, kitchens or canteens.

Why a water cooler at school?

  • Cheaper than bottled water
  • No more dragging around with water containers
  • Space-saving: no more storage of bottles
  • Hygienic: always fresh and filtered water
  • Low maintenance
  • Water can be sold at school parties
  • Reduces your school's ecological footprint
By offering drinking water to pupils and teachers, the school is working towards a positive and green image


The ALASQ is popular for playgrounds. The ALASQ is an elegant, user-friendly and hygienic outdoor watering point. The drinking water system with filtered flat drinking water combines ease of use with attention to quality, design and ecology. ALASQ also includes an auto flush system against bacterial formation in stagnant water. In addition, the outdoor tap can also be further personalised.

Teachers' rooms or auditoria

For meeting rooms or teachers' rooms, schools often choose the AQUALEX T1. That unit combines delicious filtered water with the convenience. The particularly powerful appliance cools 20 litres in one hour and delivers 4 litres of chilled water in one turn. The great feature of the AQUALEX F1 is its delicious sparkling water.

More information on tap water coolers for schools

Would you like more information during a non-binding conversation? Then we would be happy to visit you to examine your current logistic flows. On that basis, we will provide you with an offer or proposal. Would you rather visit AQUALEX? Then we would be happy to welcome you in our showroom, where all the equipment can be seen and experienced.

Why opt for AQUALEX?

AQUALEX is a dynamic company that plays a pioneering role in the water cooler sector. It combines convenience with an eye for quality, design and ecology. AQUALEX examines your question and proposes a device tailored to your specific requirements. Our technical service will install the water cooler in your company and take care of further maintenance. You can also opt to rent a water cooler. For a fixed amount per month, you will then benefit from delicious water of excellent quality and a customised service

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