Water coolers for the hospitality industry

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Thanks to our systems, you can serve water in an attractive way

Always fresh water in your restaurant, hotel and café

Would you like to offer guests in your hotel, café or restaurant a nice glass of fresh water, without having to drag around water bottles? This is possible with the AQUALEX tap water coolers. Thanks to our systems, you no longer have to buy and store plastic or glass bottles. This saves you a lot of money, time and space. Our water coolers with tap water have a large capacity, whether you opt for a table model or a built-in water cooler. And thanks to our personalised bottles, you provide your customers with a customer service with just that little extra!

Moreover, AQUALEX guarantees excellent service. Thanks to our devices with error reporting, you can intervene quickly when something goes wrong. If that doesn't work, our technician can assess the problem more quickly thanks to the error code and he will immediately bring the right spare part with him in the event of a breakdown intervention. Will the repair take longer than expected? Then, obviously, you will receive a replacement device.

Personalised bottles

With unique personalised bottles you offer visitors an experience with just that little extra. You can have our water bottles printed with your logo to match your house style. In this way, you can use your bottles as a marketing tool and create extra appeal for your hospitality business.

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Our hospitality water coolers with tap water have a large capacity.

Table models

The AQUALEX 65 Top is a table model, ideal to install in a kitchen or in a self-service restaurant. Thanks to its powerful direct chill technology, it can handle high peaks and large volumes. For this drinking water system, a sudden high demand is no problem (up to 100 litres in-one-go).

Tailor-made modifications are negotiable. Various options are possible - just think of the installation of an attachment to make it easier to fill bottles. With a self-service line, we install other dip trays, depending on the height of your glasses or bottles.

Built-in devices

The AQUALEX 65 In is the most widely used drinking water system in hotels, restaurants, cafes,...It is installed under the counter or in the cellar. You can even install it in an adjoining room to save maximum space at the counter. What's more, this is a very easy and user-friendly way to tap the fresh water in a personalized bottle, which completely fits the house style of your establishment.

Freestanding models

The AQUALEX 65 SL tap water cooler can be installed at any location. Everything, from the filter to the CO² cartridge, is stored in the cabinet. This convenient freestanding unit is often used not only in the hospitality industry, but also in schools and self-service refectories. This device can also handle high peak moments and is therefore suitable for filling bottles or containers.

More information regarding our water coolers for the hospitality industry

Would you like more information during a non-binding conversation? Then we would be happy to visit you to examine your current logistic flows. Based on this information, we will make you an offer or proposal. Would you prefer to visit AQUALEX? Then we would be happy to welcome you to our showroom, where all the devices can be seen and experienced.

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For us, it is an ecological choice. It takes as much as 4 litres of water to produce just one litre of bottled water. And it generates a lot of waste. The AQUALEX device is the perfect solution to that. And besides, we don't need to spend so much time on deliveries and filling the fridge anymore. We are also very satisfied with AQUALEX's service.
— Il Trionfo
Anthony Vermeersch

Before, we used to fill the refrigerators in the rooms with fresh water. Now every client is provided with a refillable bottle in their room

Anthony Vermeersch Owner Portinari

Gilles De Hondt

Thanks to the AQUALEX faucet, I save a lot of space in the fridges.

Gilles De Hondt Owner, Victor’s Boutique Bar


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