Opt for fresh drinking water with an AQUALEX tap water cooler

AQUALEX specialises in high-quality tap water coolers. From table to freestanding devices and from wall to built-in water coolers: thanks to our wide range, you always have access to delicious fresh and cooled water at the push of a button! Thanks to our water coolers, you no longer need water bottles or containers, so you don't have to deal with possible bacteria in standing water. A tap water cooler is also a practical solution: you no longer need to transport and store water and you no longer have any waste.

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The advantages of a tap water cooler?

  • Fresh water always available
  • Cooled, sparkling and hot water, at the touch of a button
  • Cheaper than other options
  • Hygienic: disinfection tapping point with ozone and CU+ technology for continuous bactericide
  • Never order bottles or water bottles again
  • High ease of use: no more transport & gullies
  • No more storage needed; space-saving
  • No more transport & empty goods: reduce your ecological footprint

Types of tap water coolers?

  • Tabletop model
  • Freestanding model
  • Wall model
  • Built-in water cooler

More information about water coolers?

In the extensive range of Aqualex you are sure to find a device that is tailored to your specific needs and wishes. Would you like more information during an informal conversation? Then we would like to visit you to see your current logistic flows. In function of that we will make you an offer or proposal. Do you prefer to visit Aqualex? Then we would like to welcome you in our showroom, where all the equipment can be seen and experienced.

Why Aqualex?

Aqualex is a dynamic company that plays a pioneering role in the sector of water coolers. It combines ease of use with attention to quality, design and ecology. Aqualex looks at your question and proposes a device tailored to your specific requirements. Our technical department will install the water cooler in your company and take care of the further maintenance. You can also choose to rent a water cooler. For a fixed amount per month you will then enjoy delicious water of excellent quality and a customized service.

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