Unique boiling water taps

Do you need a boiling water tap? The AQUALEX boiling water taps deliver filtered hot water from the tap. Making a nice cup of tea or a delicious pasta has never been so easy.

Thanks to an AQUALEX boiling water tap, you no longer need to wait for your water to boil: at the push of a button, the hot water flows directly from your kitchen tap. Just think how much time and energy you'll save... Thanks to the double safety button and our high-quality filter systems, our designer taps are safe and reliable. The water contains no unwanted tastes or smells and is completely free of bacteria.

The AQUALEX taps are an innovation by our engineers and Italian designers. They combine high-quality convenience with elegant Italian design. They fit into any interior, whether you prefer a rustic or rather modern style. And thanks to our wide range of colours (black, white, chrome, bronze,...) you are sure to find what you are looking for in our range.

Why a boiling water tap?

  • Always fresh water at your disposal
  • Cooled, sparkling and hot water at the touch of a button
  • From 2 to 97 degrees and vice versa, in just a few seconds
  • Child protection
  • Hygienic
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Why opt for AQUALEX?

AQUALEX is a dynamic company that plays a pioneering role in the sector of multifunctional faucets (kitchen taps and side taps). It combines ease of use with attention to quality, design and ecology. AQUALEX examines your question and proposes a faucet tailored to your specific requirements. Our technical department will install the boiling water faucet in your home or company and take care of the further maintenance. You can also choose to rent a faucet with boiling water. For a fixed amount per month, you can then enjoy delicious water of excellent quality and a customized service.

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