How do I clean an AQUALEX tap?

  • To clean your AQUALEX tap, it is best to use Eres Sani-Net original, a citric acid-based bathroom cleaner. The best product for cleaning taps!
  • First apply the cleaning agent to a cloth or sponge, not directly to the tap. Rub in the tap and allow the product to soak in for a few minutes. Do not let the product dry out; this can cause indelible stains. Do not use a scouring pad. This can damage your tap.
  • After cleaning, rinse thoroughly with clean water. Make sure that no cleaning agent is left behind.
  • Dry the tap thoroughly after cleaning.

How do I remove limescale from the tapping point?

Remove the tapping point from the tap and soak it in a dish of Eres Citro Descaler until the lime scale is gone. Then rinse the tap thoroughly and put it back on the tap.

  • Both products contain citric acid. So, avoid splashing on marble and all other calcareous natural stone surfaces.
  • The use of hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, chlorine or phosphoric acid is prohibited.

Finally, it is of major importance that limescale is removed on a regular basis. Lime is very aggressive and will irreversibly damage the surface. The best way to tackle it is with the Eres products mentioned above. These are available available at your local supermarket.

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