Our vision, mission and unique selling points


Where is the nearest drinking water tap? At AQUALEX, we firmly believe that by 2030 it will be an obvious question. After all, drinking tap water is wildly popular. Everyone drinks it. Always and everywhere.


This popularity of tap water is mainly due to the AQUALEX drinking water experience. Water with a great taste, in different temperatures and textures. Served through drinking water systems that charm you with their ease of use, sustainable use of materials and outstanding design.

Unique Selling Points

AQUALEX drinking water systems captivate with their ease of use and exceptionally elegant design. Eye-catchers that add that extra touch to any environment

Thanks to our own R&D team, we can experiment to the full, develop the most innovative products in the market and are always ahead of the game.

Customised advice and service
Our sales consultants guide customers towards a unique solution tailored to their location, context and specific needs. While our technical experts install the system and take care of all technical concerns.

From service model to circular model
We work mainly through service agreements and take care of installation and maintenance. This enables us to offer circular products.

What especially sets us apart is our close-knit team of amigeaus. What characterises an amigeau is his or her work hard, play hard' mentality, adaptability, accessibility, enthusiasm and open-mindedness.