How does a versatile tap for filtered water work?

The device is connected to the tap water, after which the device filters the water and supplies the desired water.

All Twin taps require the provision of hot and cold tap water. The hot tap water does not originate from the AQUALEX device. After tapping a certain amount of sparkling, cold or hot water, it is sufficient to take a short break in order to have the water of your preference available again. After instantly tapping 1 litre of sparkling water from Family devices, a few seconds of patience will suffice to be able to tap another litre. With Professional devices, you can even tap 3 litres of sparkling water in a single tap.

After instantly tapping 0.8 litres of hot water (95C) from the Family devices, you can have full hot water again after a waiting period of a few minutes. It is possible to tap more than 0.8 litres at once, but then the temperature will decrease. With the Professional devices, you can tap 5 litres at once, after which the temperature will also decrease.

By the way, there is no need to worry about annoying hot water accidents: a double safety button guarantees safe use and avoids children from getting burned, for example.

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