The R&D department is the beating heart of AQUALEX and is a trendsetter in the market. Its employees are constantly looking for innovations that further refine product properties, with ease of use, taste sensation and hygiene as key concepts.


Discover our touchless drinking water systems:

  • Focus on hygiene with touch-free operation
  • Pushbuttons for cold filtered water and sparkling water have been replaced by sensors
  • Applicable to all AQUALEX systems
  • Patented

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Unmatched design

From country-style to modern interiors, AQUALEX taps are an impressive addition to any kitchen thanks to their stylish finish and practical added value.

Our taps fit both classic and modern interiors. All are hand crafted, so they are always unique

With our AQUALEX taps we create unique water columns , water columns, water corners and breakfast nooks.

Discover unique drinking water concepts

Hygiene and safety

AQUALEX resolutely opts for safety, hygiene and innovation.

  • Patented touch-free operation
  • The filtration is done at 0.2 micron and the taps are extra protected
  • Attention to thorough maintenance of the system
  • Certain types of devices for our AQUALEX tap water coolers contain copper pipes. These significantly reduce the possibility of bacterial growth. In the market of water coolers plastic pipes are standard, but AQUALEX as market leader opts for the superior copper pipes
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Studies show that emissions resulting from the production of bottled water are 300 times higher than those from tap water. In Europe, bottled water is responsible for 17.6 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. In our country, this would amount to 40 000 tonnes per year, which is equivalent to the emissions of 14 000 cars driving 15 000 kilometres and 185 g/km in one year. CO2 emissions - 5,000 times the earth's circumference!

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In the spotlight

AQUALEX launches Touchless®

We are proud to announce: AQUALEX Touchless®, the first touchless water coolers on the market.

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