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AQUALEX Healthcare
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For hospitals and healthcare institutions, a water cooler is hygienic and economical

Many advantages

Since its foundation, AQUALEX has been supplying private individuals and companies, but in recent years it has also attracted a great deal of interest from the healthcare sector. This makes sense, because in addition to the savings on the purchase price of water, there are a lot of extra benefits. You no longer need to order water bottles and therefore save a lot of time, gain a lot of space because you no longer have to stock bottles and employees no longer need to drag around. The environment also benefits, because you no longer need to transport and throw away bottles.

Safety guaranteed

What's more, safety is guaranteed because AQUALEX adapted its technology to the specific needs of the healthcare sector:

  • AQUALEX offers patented touch-free operation: Touchless®
  • Filtration is done at 0.2 micron and the tapping points are extra protected. They emit some bactericidal ozone with every use and every hour, which keeps the tapping point dry and reduces the amount of dry residue.
  • Thanks to the ozone in the water coolers themselves, the pipes and water are continuously rinsed. AQUALEX also pays a great deal of attention to a thorough maintenance of the system.
  • As a market leader, AQUALEX often opts for the superior copper pipes that have even better antibacterial properties.
You no longer need to order water bottles and thus save a lot of time

Space-saving and user-friendly

The ideal water cooler for the healthcare sector is one that saves space and is user-friendly. This is why AQUALEX is increasingly moving away from the classic freestanding or table model. The alternative is the built-in devices. These do not only exist in tap form, but also as built-in wall models. They are easy to install and maintain. Some are often integrated into living kitchens because of their homely character, others are more suitable for use in a hospital corridor. And since in the healthcare sector it often happens that large amounts of water have to be tapped at once, AQUALEX can also supply a system with a capacity of up to 250 litres of water per hour

Personalised bottles

With unique personalised bottles you provide your customers with a customer experience with that little extra. You can have our water bottles printed with your logo to match your house style. This allows you to use your bottles as a marketing tool and create an extra image for your company.

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