Water fountains: delicliously fresh drinking water!

Have you decided to drink more water? Then a drinking fountain is the ideal solution. It is an attractive, fun and practical way to ensure that you and the people in your company, hospital or school always have fresh and fresh water at their disposal. AQUALEX drinking fountains are connected to tap water and are fitted with a filter that eliminates unwanted tastes and smells. This is not only healthy: you also save time, money and space. You no longer have to order bottles of water, you don't have to drag them around and store them.

Water fountains at school?

Schools, naturally, tend to set a good example to their pupils. This includes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Thanks to drinking fountains on the playground, you encourage pupils to drink water instead of sugared drinks. In addition, the presence of a drinking fountain helps to reduce the amount of waste: so you are working on the green image of your school. And finally, a drinking fountain also increases the comfort of pupils and teachers, because they don't have to drag around heavy bottles all the time, as they drink directly from the water fountain. And obviously they can also use a refillable bottle.

Water fountains at the office?

A water fountain is also an asset for a company. Thanks to a drinking fountain at the reception, in the hallway or in the refectory, employees and customers can enjoy a fresh glass of water at any time. You demonstrate that you pay attention to the health of your employees and they can start working with a fresh mind. In turn, customers feel extra welcome. What's more, you reduce your ecological footprint by no longer transporting and disposing of bottles of water. A drinking water fountain is therefore an absolute added value for the image of your company! AQUALEX tap water coolers and water fountains offer you a wide range of options. A water fountain with hot, cold, sparkling or hot water: it is your choice. AQUALEX is happy to offer you a water fountain tailored to your specific needs!

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