Opting for a drinking water system designed by AQUALEX

You want to drink more tap water, but you have your doubts because of the smell or taste? AQUALEX systems eliminate all your prejudices, without compromising on the taste of your glass of water.

Of course, no one likes a sip of tap water with a lime taste or chlorine smell. But don't worry, AQUALEX has the solution! All our drinking water systems are fitted with high-quality filters, which are world leaders in the field of drinking water filtration. All our multi-function taps and water coolers are equipped with precoat filters that eliminate all impurities. They guarantee you tasty, healthy and pure water, day after day, without undesirable smells or tastes. In addition, the filters contain bacteriostatic silver, which prevents the growth of microbes, so that bacteria and fungi do not stand a chance. Not convinced yet? Then you need to know that all our drinking water systems are equipped with carbonate softening technology. This technique ensures continuous ion exchange and guarantees optimal and constant water quality (pH value), from the first sip to the last drop.

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Drinking water systems for various applications and sectors

You see: tap water can be completely pure, fresh and odorless, without unwanted flavors. Moreover, thanks to our innovative drinking water systems, your glass of water can come out of the tap cooled. More in the mood for sparkling water? That's possible too! Or why not hot water, for a nice cup of tea?

Our drinking water systems exist in numerous models and can handle all kinds of applications. With us you are sure to find a device that suits you completely. Systems for individuals at home, for companies, for schools or for the government; industrial appliances, water filters and accessories: we have the perfect solution for every situation.

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