Twin Touchpad


  • Functional combination water tap: filtered and non-filtered tap water
  • Lever for tap water
  • Electronic buttons for bottled water
  • Child protection for hot water
  • Tap is 360° pivotable
  • Showerhead
  • Antibacterial anti-splash jet-nozzle
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Available finishes

Water options

Still water

This water is filtered but not cooled. Ideal for people suffering from a sensitive stomach. In addition, this water option can also be used for cooking or to fill up a coffee machine.

Chilled water

Filtered at 0.2 micron, cooled at 3° to 12°C.

Sparkling water

By adding CO² to the cooled and filtered water, we obtain wonderfully fresh sparkling water.

Hot water

The hot water reaches a maximum temperature of 97°C but can be set to a lower temperature at will. Real tea drinkers can thus set the ideal temperature for their type of tea.

Unfiltered tap water

In addition to your filtered water, this tap also offers hot and cold city water. This city water is not cooled and the hot water comes from your central heating or boiler.

Tap is 360° pivotable

Water tap is 360° pivotable . This optimises your ease of use and adds value to your kitchen.

Nozzle head

This faucet has a nozzle, so you can easily wash your sink or the dishes.

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