Write on water

  • Medium: Copper and water
  • Size: /

Eerdekens’ visual work consists materially of curled copper ribbons, metal or wooden rods that, when illuminated, cast shadows that form words or phrases. To his creations, the artist adds a new layer to the already layered structure of words. That written word only comes into being when the objects are illuminated. Some works are only readable when viewed from a certain angle.


Fred Eerdekens (°1951) is a visual artist, living and working in Hasselt, Belgium. He studied Sculpture and Graphic Art at 'Provincial Higher Institute of Art and Architecture in Hasselt, and was professor at PHL (now: MAD Academy) in Hasselt and HISK in Antwerp. His career was interrupted for almost four years because of a serious car-accident in 2006.

Mainly, Eerdekens works in three dimensions with the components language, material, light and shadow. The basis for his works are the texts he writes himself. He often generates opposite notions, sometimes words contradict each other and meaning shifts and turns about. His very sculptural body of work provides the impetus for a world which can only be imagined through words. In the shadows, where the light fails, a story of things lacking is often told, sometimes short, sometimes lyrical or longing.

Besides these sculptural works, Eerdekens draws in a variety of techniques and materials, but most often in watercolour.

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