Wasserfall T21-18

  • Medium: Oil on linen
  • Size: 38,4 x 28,4 x 3,3 cm (framed)

The undulating and never upright movement of the oeuvre of Tom Van Puyvelde, emphasizes the rejection of definitions and classifications, rather it is devoted to the incessant discovery dictated by the brushstroke and the complex expressive variety bestowed by the pictorial material. A spectrum is revealed in all its polychromy, howe- ver, the multiple is not determined by a clear difference in the offered coloring but by a painstaking and almost visceral work on gradation.


Tom Van Puyvelde (born 1985 in Temse, Belgium) lives and works in Temse, Belgium. His paintings explore the spectrum of possibilities and variations within his own specific practice, referred to by the artist as 'fundamental painting'. The core theme in his work is the exchange between the painting as a figurative image and the painting as an object, a physical presence in space. His paintings are included in several international private collections in Taipei, Sydney, Berlin, Ibiza, Greece and the UK.

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