The Lunatic

In difficult times, we often grasp back to our primal instincts and go on the lookout for a connection to nature. Even though we are overwhelmed with digital impulses, we want to stimulate our personal intuition. That way, our interest for outer space grows – as does our fascination with the moon. Hence, her mystic rituals and the typical materials serve as a source of inspiration for many.

The trend in color use demonstrate the versatile use of grey shadow tints and varieties of metallic aluminum. ‘Memory White’, with its yellow green undertone, references the suits of the astronauts. Warm stone and sand colors are also featured. ‘Crater Grey’ creates depth, and ‘Smoke Sand’ reminds us of the warm tone of brass colors. A palette that feels more introverted combines ‘Steel Grey’ with the muted ‘Eclipse Blue’ and ‘Memory White’. Together, they are reminiscent of the way moonlight reflects on the ocean surface. We also see a mix of shades of ‘Dust Grey’, in which the neutral tints go together with warm sand colors and beige. Lilac with a grey undertone remains an important neutral color. The versatility of the moon inspires us and gifts us with a range of possibilities for design, fashion and lifestyle.

  • AQUALEX Water tap: Fine Touchpad
  • Trends and pictures: Francq Colors
  • Partners: Bon Bistro, Brachot, Fine2Dine, Levis Atelier, Lyngby Porcelæn, Masureel, Salt&Pepper and Stoopen & Meeûs

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