Untitled, 2023

  • Medium: oil on acrylic on wooden panel
  • Size: diameter 120 cm

In his recent work, dream world and reality merge into one another. In his paintings, anima-tions and installations, Stefan Peters not only creates images, but also sets out in search of their process of origination: the formation of the image. He explores the imitative qualities of painting, but knows that reality can also be evoked through alienating effects, image frag-ments or even the futility of a brush stroke. Just as silence makes the finest sound audible, Peters creates quietude in his paintings, so that even the smallest ripple becomes visually vi-sible and acquires meaning. This is why, for Stefan Peters, creation does not only encompass the search for something new; using painting as his principle expressive means, it is for him always a rediscovery through which that which already exists is poetically revealed.

THE ARTIST: Stefan Peters

Stefan Peters (1978) lives and works in Hasselt. He studied at the MAD Faculty in Genk and at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht. Fired by a fixed fascination with the language of painting, Stefan Peters (1978) has for some years been aspiring to fathom reality by disclosing the mechanics of representation. The ar-tist makes uses of rhetorical devices such as reversals, mirror imaging and cutting to under-mine the elegance of his painting technique. This results in scenes characterised by fairy-like as well as apocalyptic elements. Using indirect lighting, scenic shadows and brush strokes that refuse to take on any descriptive function, Peters dissects what is familiar to us.

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