Randoald Sabbe

  • Medium: map
  • Size: 85 x 95 cm

A quarter of the world’s population lives in a country with extreme water stress. Even in wet Belgium we flirt with shortages.’It is incomprehensible that we are so careless with water.’ It sounds counterintuitive, in this drizzling summer.Yet Belgium is one of 25 countries with ex-tremely high “water stress.” According to new data from the World Resources Institute (WRI), our country ranks 18th, after Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Botswana, among others.Along with Cyprus and Greece, we are the only European country on the list.

THE ARTIST: Randoald Sabbe

Randoald Sabbe (°1973) has a well-deserved reputation as a graphic designer who combines his years of experience gained in his independent art practices with an intuitive study and creation of images related to the conception of visual design and imagination.Visual poetry also has a spatial variant.