This catering device is very robust and convenient. It is mainly placed in the classic major consumers: catering, schools and staff refectories. The drip tray is connected to a drain, so you don't have to rely on the users to empty it. The device is available with the following options: electronic control panel, CU+ technology and full stainless steel version.

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Colour: Inox

Water options

Sparkling water

By adding CO² to the cooled and filtered water, we obtain wonderfully fresh sparkling water.

Hot water

The hot water reaches a maximum temperature of 97°C but can be set to a lower temperature at will. Real tea drinkers can thus set the ideal temperature for their type of tea.

Chilled water

Filtered at 0.2 micron, cooled at 3° to 12°C.

Still water

This water is filtered but not cooled.


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