Peter Dreher


  • Peter Dreher (°1932, Duitsland)
  • 25.5 x 20.2cm

‘I think painting should be open or recognizable to everybody. Everybody. These little paintings of a glass, everybody can understand. You see a glass, you say, “It’s a glass, it’s a nice painting, it’s realistic.” You don’t feel that you didn’t understand it. But if you want to learn more about it, you can. If you begin to deal with this concept, I think a whole world opens to you. - Peter Dreher

In 1974, German artist Peter Dreher began something that would go on to define his artistic career for the rest of his life. Painting the same small humble glass, measuring just ten by eight inches, in the same setting, day and night, for more than 45 years; each work is unique in its execution, capturing a specific time and place through nuances of light and atmosphere, creating a documented record of each moment spanning for than four decades. For Dreher it was about the meditative practice of painting itself, as opposed to the subject matter, that was of primary concern: ‘It’s just what I see, and I don’t see a glass, I see a painting. I see the work of a painter.’ He saw his singular repertoire not as a limitation but as a liberation – an opportunity to focus on the very process of painting itself.