Laurens Legiers


  • Laurens Legiers (°1994, België)
  • oil on canvas
  • 50 x 40cm

In his harmonious compositions, Laurens Legiers takes idyllic, natural imagery as a starting point and elevates it using his uniquely imagined, stylised aesthetic. Inspired by the ideals of Romanticism in 18th Century Europe, his works capture a distinct sense of harmony, often drawing upon landscapes and the natural world. Meticulously rendered in soft, immaculate detail and in a delicate, muted colour palette, Legiers works are both equally pleasing and intriguing. In the present work A Snail’s Journey, a characteristic ‘shrine-like assemblage’ embodies his approach to capturing the mysticism and beauty in the everyday; the image of the snail mirrored in the glassy water borders on surreal in its serene and harmonious depiction.

Laurens Legiers lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium, where he received his education at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2018. The present work was included in his recent solo show, Soft Thoughts, with PLUS-ONE Gallery in Antwerp in 2020.