Need a water cooler with sparkling water?

Sparkling water can be so deliciously refreshing! Especially in summer, it is a true luxury to always have sparkling water at your disposal, directly from the tap water cooler. No more dragging around and storing plastic or glass bottles. So, you are not only concerned with your own health and comfort; with a tap water cooler you also save a lot of time and space. Moreover, you help to reduce the waste mountain. Fast, easy, healthy and sustainable!

The AQUALEX tap water coolers are the result of a continuous search for products that can improve your quality of life. They are available in different models: as built-in, wall-mounted, freestanding or table models. So, you are sure to find a device that perfectly meets your needs - whether in your staff refectory, in your production department or in your meeting room.

AQUALEX combines comfort, quality, design and sustainability. Our sparkling water coolers are a practical added value in any room. A sustainable investment that is good for your health and for the environment!

Why opt for AQUALEX?

AQUALEX is a dynamic company that plays a pioneering role in the water cooler sector. It combines convenience with an eye for quality, design and ecology. AQUALEX examines your question and proposes a device tailored to your specific requirements. Our technical service will install the water cooler in your company and take care of further maintenance. You can also opt to rent a water cooler. For a fixed amount per month, you will then benefit from delicious water of excellent quality and a customised service.

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