• Medium: Borosilicate glass
  • Size: 25cm height, volume= 1L

In many places the quality of tap water is equal or even better compared to bottled water. In order to both encourage people to reduce plastic waste by consuming local tap water and to send out a message which would emphasise the exceptional quality of the water from lo-cal springs, Italian designer Andreas Trenker created a series of carafes entitled “trasparente”.

In “trasparente” the characteristics of the various springs have been translated into a three-dimensional form. The shape of each carafe was generated using parametric software to process the value of its water source ( pH, water hardness, temperature, conductivity and altitude.) Each value corresponds to a particular feature of the carafe; by processing the va-lues in this way, a unique form could be obtained for each and every water source. “trasparente” creates a channel of communication which links the traditional craft of glass-blowing with the modern techniques of generative design.


Andreas Trenker is an Italian designer and researcher with a multidisciplinary approach spanning across varous fields such as graphic design, product design and documentary photograpy. His project “trasparente” got awarded with a honorable mention by Compass D’Oro Targa Giovani and got selected by ADI Design INdex.

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