• Medium: picture
  • Size: 9,5 x 14cm

What matters in his work, is the great adoration for fleeting moments and transient beauty. He amplifies this by embracing imperfections, because they are truly free from perfect. Continuing this (de)constructive path in his work is essential, by transforming and utilizing all the raw materials in his immediate surrounding. Plants are “free”, and raw compounds can be made by transforming household chemicals into his instruments of choice. This personal light-catalogue corresponds with the uncons-cious, visualizing unexpected and striking effects that seem to open up a universe, parallel to the real world. In this semi-Dionysian way of working, nature gets the chance to partly take over and make the ephemeral bridge between our real world and his doorways towards these parallel universes more tangible. Nick Verhaeghe’s work is an invitation to awaken in each of us the childlike resistance to the usual and to continue exploring and experimenting throughout our lives.


Nick Verhaeghe (°1991) lives and works in Knokke, Belgium. In his work he reflects on the photographic medium and all of its alternative facets. He examines the relations between the technical boundaries of the medium and the way photography shapes memory. The photographer is interested in alternative photographic techniques to capture and catalogue light. He researches - like an alchemist - how the actual light is transformed into an image by utilizing nature and unconventional products into his visual language. He investigates this by exploiting light with sensitized materials, lens elements and camera mechanics to fully comprehend the photographic medium

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