Spring Tide, 2022

  • Medium: Glass, handgraved + dustbag in SEAQUAL® YARN
  • Size: 15 x 30 cm

For AQUALEX, De Clerck created a limited edition of bottles on which she hand engraved new drawings. Every bottle is unique. The series is called Spring Tide, referring to the moment when the Sun, Moon and Earth form a line which causes the tide’s range to be at its maximum. The body of water reaches its highest and sometimes most dangerous levels. It is not named after the season, but, like that word, derives from the meaning “jump, burst forth, rise”, as in a natural spring.

At first glance all subjects refer to or are in a way linked to the sea. But in a wider sense the objects and characters depicted in the energetic drawings tell a story of freedom. The artist tries to inflict upon the viewer a new form of appreciation for the everyday and for the small things and actions that surround us, to whom we often pay little attention. The grass is greenest right under our noses, we just have to look at it.

Objects become characters and vice versa. The big smiles put a smile on our face, although the visible irony makes us question their appearance.
Every drawing becomes part of a big wave which will spread throughout Belgium and fill tables with new stories.


Marlies De Clerck works and lives in Brussels. De Clerck’s paintings often have a direct link to the Belgian sense of humour and irony. Obviousnesses and customs are taken out of context and re-actualised. The everyday is isolated and reinterpreted. Painting as a mirror for our existence.

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