Untitled, 2022

  • Medium: oil on wooden panel
  • Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm

Her paintings have the rare quality of allowing space for our projections without ever imposing a predetermined meaning. With sensitivity, Marie Rosen invites us to make our way through the painted image to find sensations that resonate with our inner world. A painting that penetrates after a certain time and asks to linger. At first glance, one feels a certain calm in the face of this immobility, this stillness, this strange suspension of things, beings and places. But when the eye bothers to approach the details, small distortions appear that disturb this apparent calm: the lights slip away into a vanishing point, illogical shadows cause absurdity, we gradually lose our sense of space. Thus the painted image reveals its ambivalence when our projections, confused and latent, find a place in its recesses. A slight anxiety emerges and seizes our gaze.


For fifteen years, Marie Rosen has been confirming and refining her singularity of painting adapted to the subject matter of her chosen medium: the wooden panel. On backgrounds that she meticulously prepares, until she obtains extremely finely painted surfaces as soft as a sheet of paper, she adds characters and objects, composes surreal settings in which the play of shadow and light defies logic and this to purely aesthetic spaces in which lush color gradations give the textures their preciousness. It is "blindly and with her fingertips" that she tirelessly tries to create the sensations she wants to project into the space of the painting, a silent window that opens onto her inner world and possibly onto ours.

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