Wasserfall (2018)

  • Medium: Video sculpture (LCD screens, wood & paint)
  • Dimensions: 107 x 66 x 18cm - edition 7/10

This enchanting 2018 work Wasserfall (video and mixed-media) allows the viewer to marvel at constantly changing women under a waterfall in a long loop. Here, the artist wants to cross the boundaries of perception. He raises questions about the essence of what is depicted. We are not looking at a static two-dimensi-onal frame, but as it were at an animated, lively image, which also seems to belong to the world of the viewer.


This Swiss artist, 'handyman' and musician, first exhibited in 1982. In 1998, he went to New York to train with video artist GMDThree. Finally, in 2001, he trained as a 'media designer' and 'multimedia producer' (SAE, NYC). Marck fuses sculpture with video installations in a stunning way. His art has been exhibited worldwide for years, including in museums, such as the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. He still lives and works in Zurich. Women play the leading role in his video sculptures. They are embedded in a metal frame: a metaphor for the boundaries women face in society. They gracefully seek a way out of their captivity, as it were, seemingly carefree, in an endless cycle.


  • @courtesey of The Boutique Gallery | Sint-Martens-Latem and Antwerp


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