Hana Karim

  • Medium: ceramics
  • Size: 2 SIZES 35 x 20 cm and 40 x 50 cm

For AQUALEX - Hana created 2 variations of an organic interpretation of a waterdrop. Even the colors are one and all linked to water.


Hana Karim grew up in an artistic family, which bred her passion for ceramics and influences her creations. Her father, who was strongly influenced by Joan Miró in his young period, is a painter and a colorist who is skilled in using vibrant colors, especially blue, green, turquoise, and splashes of yellow. Hana’s mother is a ceramist who grew up surrounded by nature. She loves the simplicity of prehistoric art and ancient culture, but at the same time she has exquisite manual skills.

Hana focuses on handmade pieces. Her works are styled with a rustic sense of “imperfections” and displayed as softly misshapen forms. She uses washes of color glaze, inviting drips and uneven brush strokes to grace each object’s surface. Each of her pieces has its own unique color scheme—some are bright pastels and metallic, others are blue and green.

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