• Medium: 100% glass
  • Size: different sizes


A collection of goblets that connects to the theme of “personality” through conceptual and formal reinterpretation; functional objects that require direct contact, proximity and com-plicity to trigger induced social processes. In this logic, small transformations transform the object from a simple tasting glass into a communicative object, small inventions to suggest new uses and new product types.
Seven character lines are born and the human characteristics are immediately reflected in the goblet:

  • 1. “the altruist” is characterised by the modification of the upper rim of the goblet, which turns into a spout; he is prepared to share the wine with the person sitting next to you without the risk of spilling it on the table.
  • 2. “the ambiguous” does not decide on the shape, it moves and deforms generating a de-corative motif but not functional to the product; it denies its essence in a declared way and does not take sides.
  • 3. “the conservative” is an attentive goblet, capable of paying attention to the wine even when it is leftover; a cork allows conservation even for the next day.
  • 4. the “extrovert” is the well-known Swing goblet that for this occasion presents itself with its character trait, i.e. to be able to seek a strong contact, involving the consumer.
  • 5. “l’introverso”, on the other hand, presents itself as a simple goblet, created, however, with the combination of the half-litre carafe; a glass and its carafe, a two-way relationship, unique and capable of providing a single product united by its function and their interpenetration. It fits perfectly into the carafe, upside down, and once at the table it can be filled for personal use.
  • 6. "Passionate” is composed of two goblets with the cup inclined, directed towards each other in a sentimental relationship and friendship; ready for the toast, open to knowledge and sharing.
  • 7. “the relaxed” is a relaxed goblet, ready to satisfy the taster in a peaceful atmosphere; the cup is tilted slightly, perfectly decanting the wine and stretching towards the mouth.


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