Alcyone, 2017

  • Medium: Oil marker, Rügen chalk on digital C-print mounted to 4mm alu-dibond, optium 3mm acry-lic glass uv98 , brass
  • Size: 174cm x 107cm

In his videos, photographs, performances, and paintings, Slater Bradley uses popular culture, notably punk and pop music—the aesthetics of their videos and posters, the tales of their heroes and antiheroes, and their sometimes raw expressiveness—to explore the timeless themes of legacy, identity, and mortality. Bradley is interested in how popular and cult figures endure over time, both in the collective imagination of their fans and through the continual dissemination of their music and videos. By appropriating images from album covers and music videos, he demonstrates how music and musicians shape, and are shaped by, collective memory in constantly shifting ways.


The American Slater Bradley (*1975) is a cross-disciplinary artist. His works, which move between painting, photography and installation examine the fields of science and faith and connections between the mechanisms of the universe, have already been exhibited at the Guggenheim and Whitney Museum in New York.

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  • Special thanks: work of a private collection


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